Get Your Vinyl Deck Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers around DeckRite’s PVC waterproofing deck membrane.

What is DeckRite Canada Sundecks?

DeckRite Canada Sundecks is an advanced PVC sheet product which is produced to performance specifications outlined by CGSB requirements. Our rolls come in master rolls up to 375 feet long. We cut to exact size for our dealers to minimize installation work.

How long will DeckRite last?

Although there are many factors that will affect the actual longevity of your DeckRite Canada Sundecks membrane, such as UV exposure, care and maintenance, chemical usage, and heavy foot traffic, you can expect DeckRite to last many years. Please ensure you follow our DeckRite Cleaning and Maintenance Guide.

Is DeckRite tested to standards?

Yes, DeckRite products comply with Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Standard 3754.95 – PVC Roofing and Waterproofing Membranes

In addition, the following tests, typical to walking surface, have been conducted:

  • Abrasion resistance in accordance with ASTMD Standard 1242
  • Slip resistance in accordance with CAN/CGSB Standard 75.1


Complete testing reports are available upon request.

Is there a warranty?

All DeckRite Canada Sundecks products are covered by a 10-year written warranty. Warranty documentation is available from the DeckRite Canada dealers and distributors (or upon requested from our office).

How is DeckRite installed?

DeckRite is adhered to a plywood or concrete substrate using our specially formulated contact (solvent-based) adhesive; in some cases a latex adhesive may also be used.

If several vinyl runs are required, each run is overlapped by 3/4 inches to 1 1/4 inches (minimum) and a hot air gun is used to fuse the two vinyl strips together, creating one single continuous waterproofing membrane.

Additional installation details will be provided by your dealer.

Can DeckRite be installed on treated lumber?

Yes. DeckRite can be installed over treated plywood – follow the same installation procedures as you would for standard 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch tongue and groove GOS (Good One Side) plywood. Note: Be sure to remove any areas that have been overtreated with the treatment solution, as the contact adhesive (or latex adhesive) will not adhere to the substrate and DeckRite membrane.

How do you clean DeckRite?

We suggest you clean your DeckRite surface at least 4 times per year and follow the instructions found in our DeckRite Cleaning and Maintenance Guide.

How will DeckRite stand up to heat and freezing temperatures?

DeckRite has been installed in hot, humid, and freezing Canadian climates for the past 45 years. DeckRite has been tested to various cold crack standards as required for PVC membranes at temperature well below zero. DeckRite has also been tested to temperatures in access of 150F for a extended period.

How should snow be removed from DeckRite?

Use a plastic shovel to remove snow from your vinyl deck. Ensure your shovel has no sharp edges prior to snow removal.