Timeless DeckRite Colours and Patterns

Add beauty and value to any sundeck or patio, while protecting against rot and repair.

Strong Vinyl Membrane Decking to Suit Any Exterior Design Requirements

To provide a distinct luxury look and feel, DeckRite Canada Sundecks vinyl membrane products come in a large number of colours and patterns. That’s what makes it the ideal solution for everything from commercial projects to homeowner renovations. Embossed with an anti-slip texture and abrasion resistance, our durable waterproof membrane will look great and outlast painted substrates by many years.

DeckRite Canada Sundecks has three different series of membranes to meet all consumer, homeowner, builder or architects needs.

DeckRite Canada Sundecks is produced in master rolls, and cut to dealer requirements. This means minimal waste for our dealers and no additional charge to the end consumer; you only pay for what you need.

Industrial Series

8 Feet 6 Inches Wide – 60Mil (70 Mil Overall)

CGSB Approved

Platinum Series

6 Feet Wide – 60Mil (70 Mil Overall)

CGSB Approved

Slick Back Series

5 Feet 8 Inches Wide – 60Mil

CGSB Approved